What is a traffic offenders program?

A Traffic Offenders Program is an educational road safety program designed specifically for traffic offenders. We provide participants with the information and skills necessary to develop positive attitudes towards driving and to change negative driving behaviour.
Our ultimate goal is to reduce the likelihood of participants committing any further traffic offences.

What does the course involve?

The two-day course comprises six sessions and covers the topics as outlined below. Each session is presented by a speaker who has expert knowledge on the subject either through lived or professional experience. There is a short assessment task for each session that is to be completed on the day. Please advise the course co-ordinator if you have any literacy difficulties and need assistance.
  • Police Involvement
    • Looking at the major factors associated with road crashes and enforcement strategies employed by police and Roads and Maritime service (RMS). It will also look at Serious traffic offences and the impact that road trauma has on police and other emergency personnel.

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
    • Providing education to participants on the effects that alcohol and drugs have on the body and how a persons driving may be affected when there are alcohol or drugs in your system.

  • The Legal System
    • Will focus on the Australian Road Rules including serious traffic offences and the legal consequences of being charged with a driving offence. It will cover the court process including penalties that may be imposed by the court along with information on representing yourself at court.

  • Family Impact
    • This session will look at the impact road trauma has on the community including a presentation from a relative and/or friend of someone who has been either killed or severely injured as a result of a motor vehicle incident.

  • Crash Consequences
    • This session explores the different types of serious injuries you may suffer or inflict on others whilst in control of a motor vehicle and the affect that these injuries can have on the victim and the victim's family.

  • Road Safety
    • This session will look at driving risk factors including speed, fatigue and driving under the influence along with common driving errors that have potential to cause incidents on the roads.
      There will be worksheets to complete at the end of each presentation. Certificates will provided at the end of the course and the court will be notified of your completion.

Things to remember

  1. Bring photo ID on the day.
  2. For the Liverpool course, please arrive at 12:30pm to register for a 1:00pm start; the program will finish at approximately 5.30pm. For the Mittagong course, please arrive at 8:30am to register for a 9:00am start; the program will finish at approximately 1:30pm. Late arrivals may not be admitted.
  3. Do not consume drugs or alcohol prior to participating in the program.